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The Duke SPIRE Fellows is a deeply responsive mentoring and academic support system for high-achieving undergraduates from diverse backgrounds with an interest in pursuing a major and/or career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Duke SPIRE – which stands for STEM Pathways for Inclusion, Readiness, and Excellence – builds on the power of academic mentoring and STEM learning communities. These communities take classes together, work through homework and projects together, and support each other. SPIRE also provides high-level STEM tutoring, academic skills development, and access to a network of STEM role-models/mentors. As a Duke SPIRE Fellow, you gain opportunities to learn how to network with faculty, alumni, and industry leaders – and in turn, envision your own successful career path.

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Highlighted Fellows

Vail, CO

Academic Interests ECE and Computer Science major with a Spanish minor. Fun Fact My favorite place to be is traveling somewhere new. As a little girl, I asked my dad what job I should have if I loved math. He told me I should be an engineer. Ever since, I have enjoyed pursuing computer science… read more »about Cameron Jarnot

Marcus Nkosi Pierre-Louis.
Hollywood, FL

Academic Interests I’m interested in Computer Science and the Arts, specifically Music, Photography, Videography, and Motion Graphics (along with Graphics Design) . Fun Fact My favorite sweet candy is “Hi-Chew” and my favorite chocolate candy is “Kit-Kat” ;) For as long as I can remember I have… read more »about Marcus Nkosi Pierre-Louis

NanJing, China // Irvine, CA

Academic Interests Statistical science, math, and biology Fun Fact I draw! https://ginwang.myportfolio.com My interest in biology first began at the zoo. The encounter with the naked mole rat, a cancer resistant, eusocial mammal, sparked a strong curiosity in me to find out more about this… read more »about Shuyi Gin Wang


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