Laura Catherine Gamard


Fairhope, AL

Academic Interests

I am interested in studying environmental science or marine science and conservation.

Fun Fact

I love baking and rock climbing!

Growing up surrounded by abundant natural beauty has made me passionate about environmental sustainability. I love swimming, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and just generally spending time on the water. I also enjoying hiking and rock climbing, especially in Pisgah National Forest! I want to pursue a career in environmental science in order to help build a sustainable future and maintain healthy and beautiful natural spaces for generations to come.  For the past three summers I have worked with Nature Connect, an outdoor educational program for children that provides schooling and summer camps in both North Carolina and Alabama. I thoroughly enjoyed my time teaching children about the natural world, playing games, and simply having fun and making memories in nature. Nature Connect’s goal is to allow children to form a bond with the outdoors so they will be interested in protecting the environment as they grow older. My work with Nature Connect has allowed me to discover my love for working outside and my passion for protecting the earth.

In high school, I enjoyed seeking out and organizing community service events as president of my school’s Girls’ Service Club. I especially enjoyed service projects such as local beach clean-ups and community gardening that allowed me to keep my local natural spaces clean, healthy, and beautiful. Outside of school, I enjoy dancing, baking, watching movies, and reading – I am particularly fond of the Harry Potter series. At Duke, I love playing clarinet in the marching band and working at the Lemur Center.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I love that Duke has an abundance of resources for its students, from academic counselling to mental health support. There are so many kind and approachable people I can reach out to for help when I need it, and I feel very well supported by professors and faculty.

Laura Catherine Gamard
Laura Catherine Gamard