Our Program

SPIRE logoThe Duke SPIRE Fellows is a deeply responsive mentoring and academic support system for high-achieving undergraduates from diverse backgrounds with an interest in pursuing a major and/or career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. Duke SPIRE – which stands for STEM Pathways for Inclusion, Readiness, and Excellence – builds on the power of academic mentoring and STEM learning communities. Such community groups take classes together, work through homework and projects together, and support each other. SPIRE also provides high-level STEM tutoring, academic skills development, and access to a network of STEM role-models/mentors. As a Duke SPIRE Fellow, you will have many opportunities to learn how to network with faculty, alumni, and industry leaders – and in turn, envision your own successful career path.

SPIRE's commitment to you

  • Academic coaching and skills instruction, tutoring, career counseling, and specialized study groups
  • Wellness and well-being coaching to assist you in balancing the academic demands of STEM at Duke
  • Supportive STEM faculty/staff mentors
  • Access to a network of departmental faculty, administration, and graduate students for potential shadowing, mentorship, and engagement opportunities
  • Funding for approved enrichment opportunities/items and 1-1 tutoring
  • Support to identify STEM enhancement and research opportunities
  • Support to present research at local and/or national conferences
  • Support to publish research in peer-reviewed journals

SPIRE's expectations of you

  • Attend the SPIRE Bi-Weekly Dinner Series and the SPIRE New Fellows Welcome Dinner
  • Enroll in SPIRE's spring seminar (new fellows only)
  • Participate in summer exploration
  • Live together the Fall following enrollment in SPIRE's LLC, which is currently The Hollows (participants may choose their own roommate(s) within SPIRE. If space allows, then some fellows may be allowed to bring in a non-SPIRE roommate)

Who Should Apply?

The Duke SPIRE Fellows Program welcomes students who are interested in pursuing studies in STEM fields.

*Due to the outstanding support system already in place through our PreHeath Advising Program, prehealth students will not be considered for placement in SPIRE.

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