Riley Fisher '23 - Undergrad Researcher in Haravifard Lab

Haravifard Lab photo

I worked in the Haravifard Lab at Duke University this past summer. This physics lab, run by Duke professor Sara Haravifard, mainly focuses on the behaviors of quantum materials. We synthesize and analyze these materials for properties of special physical phenomena, such as superconductors.

As an undergraduate researcher in the lab, I was tasked with beginning a project to create eight new materials. I also would help attend to lab maintenance, such as organizing and labeling chemicals in the lab. The entire process for a new material is designing, synthesizing, and experimentation. During this summer, I was able to help design and synthesize these new materials. During this semester and beyond, I will continue to work with the lab to complete the synthesis of these materials.

My time at the Haravifard lab has taught me valuable skills in lab experimentation, safety, and day-to-day operations. Working in the Haravifard lab over the summer gave me experience and knowledge that I will take into my next semesters at Duke. As mentioned early, I plan to continue my work in the lab into the school year and hope to complete the project I started this summer. Thank you SPIRE for the funding to help make this experience possible!