Riddhi Ranjithkumar '23 - R&D Engineering Internship at Blur Product Development

Riddhi Rankithkumar

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Blur Product Development, a start-up in Cary, NC, that works on developing and manufacturing medical devices for clients. I worked in person as an R&D Engineering intern with a focus on electrical engineering.

Throughout this summer, I had the chance to work on multiple projects, varying from those that were nearing the end of their development cycle and only had testing remaining, to those that were still having active research and iterative prototypes created. I enjoyed getting the chance to see products at different steps of their development cycle, and especially enjoyed when people who volunteered to be test subjects would come in and I could see how the device would work in a personal and clinical setting. The bulk of my time was spent on a retinal tracking device with diagnostic purposes.

I had the opportunity to gain several technical skills in the hardware space. I worked on circuit design, PCB layout and assembly, as well as a bit of software. In addition, I was involved with the verification and validation testing.

What I loved most about my internship was the environment around the office. Being a start-up, everyone was very casual and friendly. It was also a dog-friendly office, which made being there super fun. Overall, I had a wonderful experience at my internship this summer! I am very interested in the medical device space, so getting to understand how products are developed and tested in this field was very valuable. Within the clinical device setting I could also apply my electrical engineering skills and pick up new ones that I am eager to use in the future.