Arushi Bhatia '23 - Health-Tech Internship at Truveta

Arushi Bhatia

This summer, I had the incredible opportunity to intern at Truveta, a health-tech startup based in Seattle, WA. This was my second summer at Truveta, and I decided to come back because of how welcoming they were and the company culture, which focused a lot on growth and knowledge sharing. I was especially excited about this summer because I had the opportunity, unlike last summer, to intern in person. This was my first in-person internship since high school, so it was truly amazing and rewarding to get to experience living and exploring a new city.

Last summer, I worked on mostly front-end work on the Truveta applications, but this summer, I decided to shift gears a bit and work on a back-end related project this summer, which focused on helping patients with little-to-none background in medicine, to be able to search for information about their relevant conditions and procedures. It can also be used by clinicians for the same purpose. The project I worked on was incredibly special because it has a variety of use cases — from being able to benefit patients whose loved ones are facing a procedure or were diagnosed with an illness, to help those studying rare diseases learn more about the patient journeys of others, especially when data may be limited. I was particularly excited about this project because before my internship, it was just an idea, and I was able to start this project from scratch.

At the start of my internship, I had to do a lot of preliminary research on existing Truveta services and tools that I could potentially consume in my application, which involved collaborating with multiple teams across Truveta, asking carefully thought out questions, and rethinking the scope of my project in different stages throughout my internship.

I’m so grateful for my time at Truveta here this summer and I enjoyed working with my team and managers so much! I am so lucky to have had such encouraging mentors in this last summer.