Michael Williams '21 - Duke Phoenix Project Internship (Summer 2020)

Michael in remote work mode

This summer, I took a Duke ECE course in mobile app development and also had an internship through the Duke Phoenix Project where I was also doing mobile app development. In order to develop mobile iOS applications, I had to develop them on a mac, so I used my enrichment funds to purchase one. 

Through the mobile app development course, I built a few apps in Swift that were largely centered around schedule/database management and ran on both iOS and watchOS. It was a very fun course and I got to learn a lot about Swift and iOS/watchOS programming.

I spent the rest of the summer using the knowledge I gained from the mobile app  course to build an app for 101st Airborne Division of the U.S Army which would help soldiers access information and connect with each other. While this app was ultimately developed using React-Native, my experience with Swift and the similarities between the two languages made picking it up fairly straight forward.