Yesenia Hernandez Solis


Austin, Texas

Academic Interests

Computer Science, Latinx Studies, & Visual and Media Studies

Fun Fact

I get made fun of for fracturing my hand on a carpet when I was 6. 

Hello, I'm Yesenia Hernandez Solis (Trinity '27), a prospective Computer Science major with an unyielding passion for the field. The pivotal experience which sparked my enduring curiosity for Computer Science was my first class in the field during 9th grade. Throughout my high school years, I seized every opportunity to further my knowledge, enrolling in every computer science class my school had to offer. Speaking Spanish was often reprimanded, leading to a disconnection between my two identities. However, Computer Science acted as a transformative force in my life, offering a language of its own where I could communicate without shame, discover my true self, and bridge the gap between my Mexican heritage and my aspirations. To me, computer science is more than a discipline; it's a language in which I can explore my boundless curiosity and creative side while also healing my inner self.

Looking forward, my goals include pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of computer science. I aspire to contribute to groundbreaking projects and innovation that has a positive impact on society. Whether it's developing new technologies or tackling complex challenges, I'm committed to making a difference. My journey into computer science is not just about pursuing a degree; it's about becoming a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for others who find themselves in similar struggles. I'm committed to being a catalyst for change, working towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. 

My drive extends to a profound commitment to enhancing Latinx representation in higher education. Back at home, I dedicated my time to a tutoring program at my local library, where I mentored and educated young minds from my own community. Witnessing their growth and potential has strengthened my resolve to bridge the educational gap and provide equitable opportunities for underserved populations.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

My favorite thing about Duke is the abundance of support it provides for its students. There are dedicated resources that cater to first-generation, low-income students of color like me.  Additionally, there is a strong sense of community, making it an ideal place for not only academic, but personal growth.

Yesenia Hernandez Solis
Yesenia Hernandez Solis