Yasmine Abdel-Rahman


Raleigh, North Carolina

Academic Interests

Statistics & Computer Science

Fun Fact

My high score for the NYT mini crossword is 10 seconds!

My name is Yasmine Abdel-Rahman and I am a Statistics and Computer Science student at Duke. Growing up in a technical family, I’ve always approached my life analytically. I wanted to use my analytical skills in order to help benefit my community and the world around me. That’s why in the summer of 2022, I conducted research at East Carolina University studying fetal alcohol syndrome. This experience made me realize that studying and analyzing data is the best way for me to help people around me. 

I used these skills to create the first Muslim Student Association at my school to help disillusion common misconceptions about Islam and promote a safe space for Muslim students. I also created an adapted book for students with special needs, and created online sources to share my book across the country. What intrigued me was that each thing that I did, although focused on different things, all connected back to analyzing data and looking at patterns. What I love about statistics and computer science is their flexibility to shape any field into creating change. Technology can improve what we already have, and helps propel us into the ever technologically advancing world. 

At Duke, joining organizations like the SPIRE Fellowship or Catalyst, a technological pre-professional organization, help introduce me to people who are walking all different paths of life. I hope to go into data science in the future, and working with professors and peers who have experience and knowledge, I hope to achieve and inspire as much change as I can.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

Growing up in North Carolina, Duke has always been a constant when talking about colleges and universities that I can attend. A school like Duke is everything that I was looking for: close to home, amazing academics, and an unrivaled school spirit. Having a great community through my dorm, my clubs, my classes, and now the SPIRE community, only add to my love for Duke. 

Yasmine Abdel-Rahman
Yasmine Abdel-Rahman