Trevon Helm


Winston-Salem, NC

Academic Interests

Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Fun Fact

For a good portion of my high school career, I used a basic phone. For something a bit more current, I’m also learning how to play the guitar!

If I asked you the question, “What is the most interesting thing to you,” what would your answer be? Math? Sports? Research? Something different?

If you, the reader, asked me that question, I’d probably say “Learning.” From the mind breaking rules of the quantum world, to the property rights of the statue of liberty, to even why you had cereal for breakfast this morning, I always find my interest piqued when I’m learning new things. Seeing how everything works and then seeing how everything works together is just so interesting to me. Whether it be by listening to a lecture or by doing my own research (I’ve gone down plenty of internet rabbit holes), I’m always ready to learn new things.

I will say that there is one thing I’ve tried to learn more than others though – technology! My family has never had the latest and greatest computers, so because of that, I’ve learned to make the best of what we had by modifying our computers in order to make them faster and better. This love has developed into it’s own hobby, since I always enjoy breathing new life into older technologies (laptops, MP3 players, phones, etc.), whether that be upgrading/replacing components, replacing or modifying operating systems, or simply repurposing the device. I hope that during my Duke career, I can learn more about the intricacies of technology repair through ECE, and improve my skills so that I can repair broken hardware and give them to those that need it.

My interests don’t lie exclusively in technology however. When I’m not tinkering with something or learning something new, I love writing short stories, doodling, playing games, exercising, and talking with my friends and family. I’d specifically like to highlight on that last one, because without my friends and family, I would not be the person I am today, whether it be them hyping me up for an upcoming test, or them just talking to me about life. I’d like to finish this bio by just telling them thank you. Thank you for helping me grow, and trust me, I won’t let you guys down.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I love the support and community that the SPIRE Fellows give. The Fellows seem to genuinely care about how we perform in our classes, and give us the resources we need to excel how we want to excel. Everyone’s just so supportive; it seems like a good place to be to cultivate your academic and real world learning.

Trevon Helm.
Trevon Helm