Sophia Liu


Cary, North Carolina

Academic Interests

Economics, Statistics, Computer Science

Fun Fact

I lived in Beijing for 8 years!

Growing up, I’ve constantly moved around from place to place—but the one thing that has kept with me is music. Although I’m not interested in a professional music career, I’ve found that many of the skills I’ve learned as a chamber and orchestral musician can be applied to other academic fields. Whether it be a math problem or a difficult technique on the violin, I’ve always been interested in problem solving—finding creative solutions to challenges. Recognizing the lack of public speaking education in my home country, I founded the Youth Language Exchange, a Speech and Debate tutoring initiative for students all around China. The program now spans across 7 cities and includes over 50 students and 7 part-time staff members. Senior year of high school, I served as the Lead Intern at a local music nonprofit where I managed a team of 10 interns. Together, we navigated the management and logistics of a nonprofit organization during pandemic times. At my high school, I was also the president of the Tri-M Music Honors Society where I helped increase the visibility of our school’s arts program.

Academically, I love studying the mathematical and statistical applications to the field of Economics. In the future, I hope to apply this knowledge to the intersections of business and technology. I believe that knowledge of STEM fields is crucial to helping businesses adapt to our constantly changing world. At Duke, I’m currently involved in the Chamber Music program, Duke Business Society, and SPIRE Fellows.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

At Duke, I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by incredibly interesting, passionate and driven people. I learn from my peers every day. I also love how open everyone is with sharing their experiences and opinions.

Sophia Liu
Sophia Liu