Sarah Bailey


Dallas, TX

Academic Interests

I am interested in studying civil or environmental engineering or environmental sciences and possibly minoring in energy engineering or getting a certificate in sustainability engagement.

Fun Fact

I have grown a tree from seed.

I want to be part of the transformation of creating sustainable technology, whether in the way we source energy, manufacture products, or combat climate change. Our world runs on energy sources and technology that cannot be sustained by our physical environment much longer, so to be a part of a team that pieces together methods of generating clean, efficient, and economical technologies to preserve the resources we’ve been granted for future generations by working with the environment, not against it, would be a dream come true. 

Being able to bring together an interdisciplinary approach to technology and innovation, so that we are not just looking to benefit humans but also to care for our natural environment excites me, because I want to be part of this collaboration of creativity, science and math, and practicality to generate green technology. While I want to continue to change my individual lifestyle to become more green, I also want to make it easier for the larger population to take on a greener lifestyle, because that’s where long-term sustainability needs to be infused. 

After co-founding a community garden at a local food bank near my high school, I have also become interested in the intersecting engineering with renewable energies and urban planning to address social issues like affordable housing and homelessness. Those in the lowest socioeconomic standing are and will continue to be hit the hardest by the effects of climate change. I am not entirely sure what my future looks like but am thinking about going to graduate school to get a PhD, so that I can research ways to better integrate renewable energy technologies into cities. I am currently involved in the Global Energy FOCUS cluster, which provides classes with an interdisciplinary perspective on energy sourcing. I work study at the Duke Gardens and am a member of the Duke Conservation Technology club, working on a UVA stamp for tracking sea turtles. In the near future, I would love to participate in DukeEngage or Bass Connections.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I like that the SPIRE Fellows Program provides both great opportunities for professional and career development and also social development and community building. It is not just about working to get the best or highest paying job, but rather about emphasizing the importance of the overall wellbeing of each member as they discover what they want to do in life, which creates an environment where it is easy to learn and grow.

Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey