Qaiser Mahmood


Glen Allen, VA

Academic Interests

B.A. Public Policy, Visual Media Studies Minor, and Markets and Management studies certificate

Fun Fact

I love modern dance.

My life before college was dominated by track and field, schoolwork, and my job at Kroger. Coming to Duke allowed me to explore my interests because I started fresh and got to choose new activities. I joined Black Student Alliance where I helped to coordinate the annual Black Student Alliance Invitational. I was also selected to be a financial analyst for Duke University Union, for the Coffeehouse committee where I monitor the funds utilized in their operations. Also, I serve as the co-director of marketing for Black in Business. For the summer, I did DukeEngage Miami, which focused on strengthening immigrant communities and promoting social justice where I worked alongside lawyers to assist them with their cases. I am interested in Finance, specifically global markets as a career after graduation. I hope to achieve this by concentrating on economic policy with my degree from Duke, and although I don’t want to pursue a career in policy, I want to utilize the purpose of the degree after retirement with nonprofit work.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

My favorite thing about SPIRE is the flexibility that the organization has, which pushes me to pursue my interests past STEM because we focus a lot on belonging and happiness.

Qaiser Mahmood .
Qaiser Mahmood