Priyanshi Ahuja


New Delhi, India

Academic Interests

Computer Science and Economics

Fun Fact

I have moved around 13 times across countries and always packed this one book about solar systems that I’ve had since I was 5 (I still have it).

I’ve extensively worked for increased representation of minorities in STEM throughout the last 4 years independently and with Nonprofit organizations. As Chief Advisor of my high school’s CS club and Student Body president of more than 4000 students, I created mentorship programs and bootcamps to provide everyone equal access to tech-learning resources during the pandemic and spearheaded a minorities in tech program increasing participation by 30% among underrepresented students. I also worked with The Girl Code, Women Who Code and a United Nations CTAD Youth Network initiative on this mission for multiple years. Apart from that, I love exploring the intersection of technology/computer science, human behavior, economics and even space exploration. I focused on human factors in space settlement and CubeSat design proposals and on app development + business on apps I co-developed such as Adagio which aims to promote self-help among dementia patients using musical memory. I also co-authored a research paper about using FM mesh-networks in rural India to remove the linguistic disparity and worked with the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate change, Government of India on a Machine Learning project. I love to write and sing! I hope to further give back to my community and bring about more equity with what I learn at Duke.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I believe the different between being nice and kind is that kindness are acts of goodness someone performs based on their own values and niceness is when people are kind because of how the world would perceive them. I think everyone at Duke is genuinely kind. There has never been a moment when I have approached a professor or an upperclassman with something and didn’t receive an overwhelming amount of support. Additionally, everyone has such rich unique experiences, and I can’t wait to learn from them because after all, the way we live multiple lives in one lifetime is by experiencing other’s stories.

Priyanshi Ahuja
Priyanshi Ahuja