Priya Parkash


Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Academic Interests

Statistical Science, Economics, Comparative Religions

Fun Fact

I am trilingual.

I am intrigued by the interplay of globalism and localism in the contemporary world and how modern political relations are increasingly being shaped by technological considerations.

Serving as a youth ambassador to the US on Youth Exchange and Study Program at the age of 16 enabled me to develop a global work orientation, supplementing my understanding of subcultures in an international arena. I worked to improve my host community’s perception of Pakistan, eradicating misunderstandings, challenging traditional views, and developing judiciousness. My youth ambassadorship strengthened my belief in the ability of all humans to become agents of change - something that has ever since inspired me.

Growing up as a religious minority in a Muslim majority country has not only allowed me to explore local multiculturalism, but to actively discourage intolerance and discrimination and to promote coexistence. I am very passionate about interfaith harmony and have previously initiated social media campaigns and interfaith conferences (Better Understanding for a Better World - Pakistan) in an effort to promote interfaith dialogue, understanding, and cooperation amongst people of different faiths and cultures.

Duke is a unique platform to expand my horizons and to delve deeper into unexplored territory. While I am undeclared at the moment, I hope to combine a STEM education in the fields of economics and statistics with international relations, and possibly pursue a career in diplomacy, where I will frequently navigate through complex rationale, mediate between conflicting viewpoints, seek commonalities, and foster global ties.

At Duke, I am currently involved with the Chronicle, the Honor Council, and the International Association. I am also an Undergraduate Member on Building Duke, a Bass Connections team, which aims to construct a historical narrative and uncover the visions and desires, through time, that have materialized in the building of Duke campus.

I enjoy food, enlightening conversations, and cultural exploration. Developing and analyzing sustainable empowerment models is another favorite pursuit. Although, I relish the vitality and certainty of having a purpose, I am not afraid of being lost. Rather, I savor being a leaf in the wind, the possibility of ending up in a new world altogether, both academically and socially.

I am very excited to be a part of Duke and now of SPIRE and cannot wait to experience what the next three and a half years have to offer!

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

SPIRE recognizes that the contemporary world is being shaped by dynamic innovation and entrepreneurism and actively encourages academic collaboration to create a culture of trust and accountability that improves the quality of work, allows a greater exchange of ideas, and extends the repertoire of the collaborators. SPIRE fosters diverse partnerships and creates a supportive community that is home to an abundance of energy and resources, where we build upon each other’s ideas, benefit from constructive criticism, and seek direction. SPIRE is a platform to step outside my comfort zone, develop new passions, and to grow.

Priya Parkash