Nia Robinson


Orange, Virginia

Academic Interests

Data science, human rights, innovation, and entrepreneurship

Fun Fact

I have not drunk soda in over a decade.

Curious from a young age, I developed an interest in STEM because it teaches us problem-solving skills that allow us to understand the world. Mathematics and technology particularly draw my attention; thus, my intended major is data science. After graduating from Duke University with a degree in data science, I plan on becoming a software engineer. I am also interested in various other disciplines, such as African-American history, education, economics, and finance. Last school year, my senior capstone project topic was the racial wealth gap that plagues the United States. Although my intended major is not related to the racial wealth gap, I am on the Black Student Union advocacy and black caucus committee. I developed my interest in education as a middle school and high school math tutor. I realized, during the pandemic, many students developed a gap in the math skills they were supposed to learn. My goal was to help my students master the concepts they did not learn during their virtual learning experience and get ahead in their current classes. Because of that experience, I am enrolled in the Knowledge in the Service of Society FOCUS cluster. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy fitness and work as a Duke athletic communications student assistant. Next school year, I plan on joining the Duke Sports Analytics club, so I can conduct research that will improve my understanding of data science and allow me to view sports through a different lens.

What do you like about being a SPIRE fellow?

My favorite thing about Duke is the talented, ambitious students who motivate me to search for knowledge, relationships, and opportunities that will help me fulfill my purpose. I also appreciate the cultural diversity at Duke because I enjoy conversing with my peers about their various backgrounds.

Nia Robinson
Nia Robinson