Mitra Kiciman


Plantation, FL

Academic Interests

Major: Computer Science

Fun Fact

I studied in Berlin this summer.

I’m a rising sophomore, interested in the uses of technology and computer science to create social impact. Currently, I’m developing a social media platform with a start up that will help underrepresented college students. This year, I’ll also be working with the Bass Connections Gerrymandering and the Extent of Democracy Team on statistical and mathematical analyses of districting plans throughout the United States. Outside of the classroom, I’m passionate about music, and serve as the Vice President of Communications for Smalltown Records, Duke’s student run record label. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

The SPIRE program was an influential and inspirational part of my first year. I especially enjoyed bonding with the other fellows through our biweekly meetings, as we supported each other from orientation to finals. Additionally, throughout the year, distinguished Duke faculty shared their personal stories with us. Their anecdotes and advice gave me the strength and resilience I needed to overcome the obstacles that I faced this year.

Mitra Kiciman.
Mitra Kiciman