Mitchelle Mojekwu


Chicago, IL

Academic Interests

Statistical Science and Global Health or Psychology

Fun Fact

I can say the alphabet backwards.

Over most of my academic career I have had a cumbersome yet rewarding experience with Math as a whole. I used to have quite an unsteady foundation but over the years I have been granted so much support from my parents and teachers who have strengthened me to the level of confidence and skill I am at today. I further pursued opportunities to do math last summer at Carnegie Mellon’s Summer Academy for Math and Science (SAMS) where I took Calculus for college credit and gained coding experience. Though my purpose of applying to SAMS was to explore other portions of STEM, particularly Biomedical Engineering, my time there ensured I remain in a more math-oriented field.  I eventually used my academic experience to volunteer at my school's math center and work at my local Mathnasium my senior year where I tutored kids like me who struggled in math.  My short-term goal in this field is to solidify my course plan to major in Statistical Science. Statistics allows for more application than theory and it incorporates computer science which I recently found enjoyment in.  Another thing that draws me to Statistics is the opportunity it offers to combine with other majors, whether they are STEM related or non-STEM related. As of now I am considering Psychology and Global Health since they are captivating sociology related fields, and they are great co-majors for Statistics. My long-term goal is simply to find an enjoyable profession related to my majors that directly benefit a community of some sort.

During my free time I enjoy watching Netflix shows, listening to music, playing the Blues on electric guitar, and reading. As of now I am a Freshman liaison for DukeAfrica, I am a member of DTech, and I am a member of Duke ASL. My interests inside the classroom include math, computer science, and anything sociology related.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I like the support system that SPIRE offers. Especially in our current times, it takes an extra length to find and contact people who can guide and support someone in a new environment. A system of role models, mentors, and other students can make my experience at Duke much more tightly knit and inclusive.

Mitchelle Mojekwu
Mitchelle Mojekwu