Mitchelle Mojekwu


Chicago, IL

Academic Interests

Data Science, Statistics, & Sociology

Fun Fact

I had a pet chicken named KFC.

I have always had an interest in math, but my time at Duke has allowed me to explore humanities related courses. I picked up a fascination for sociology, as I am interested in learning more about the structuring of different societies and functions within them. My sociology courses allow me to often observe the applications of what I learn in real life. I began to delve into Statistics and Data Science courses because of how it easily facilitates interdisciplinary work with my humanities interest. So, I became passionate about working with data that’s tied to social impact situations as well as entertainment data. I love that data can be used to not only convey a story, but it can be trained to create algorithms and models that solve real world solutions. I would love to gain further experience in data related roles that allow me to explore my interests further.

At Duke I am involved in DTech which is a tech organization that empowers the next generation of underrepresented tech leaders. My position as head of the Diversity in Tech Fair has allowed me to hone in on working with social matters in tech as I connect underrepresented students at Duke with representatives from tech related companies before every fall recruiting season. I am also involved in DukeAFRICA as director of finances. Outside of school I love to read, listen to music, and try new restaurants. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I love the people and mentorship I have received as a SPIRE fellow. I have made some wonderful friends and have been able to utilize the supportive resources to gage what I want to do academically and careerwise in the future, as well as received assistance in some of my math courses.

Mitchelle Mojekwu
Mitchelle Mojekwu