Micaelle Larrieux


Marlborough, MA

Academic Interests

Majoring in BME and most likely Computer Science or the I&E certificate

Fun Fact

I played volleyball at Johns Hopkins my freshman year!

Ever since a chance encounter with the field of neural prosthetics, the field of Biomedical Engineering has piqued my interest. The ability to use my curiosity and love for innovation to create technology that can serve to help those in need from a wide variety of backgrounds continues to drive my pursuit of the degree. I am excited to start exploring how combining my interest in BME with the field of Computer Science can serve to equip me with additional skills that can help me take advantage of the intersections between the up and coming fields.

I enjoyed my time doing research in a Mechanical Engineering lab last semester, and hope to continue doing so in a lab focused on Neural Prosthetics next semester at Duke. I am currently involved in Duke Engineers for International Development, the NSBE Pre-College Initiative, and plan on applying to Duke Engage for this summer in hopes of working on Biomedical Devices in Uganda. The opportunities at Duke to explore your interests and make direct impacts in communities around the globe are plentiful, and I'm excited to continue taking advantage of these resources during my time here. 

As a member of Catalyst, Duke’s premier pre-professional tech society, I have the opportunity to work alongside students passionate about the impact of computer science in various fields. Spending time learning under these mentors, I'm determined to continue developing my skills in and outside of the classroom so I can make a meaningful positive impact following my graduation.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I'm extremely grateful to be a part of the SPIRE Fellows program and the empowering community of minorities in STEM is creates on Duke's campus.

Micaelle Larrieux