Marcus Nkosi Pierre-Louis


Hollywood, FL

Academic Interests

I’m interested in Computer Science and the Arts, specifically Music, Photography, Videography, and Motion Graphics (along with Graphics Design) .

Fun Fact

My favorite sweet candy is “Hi-Chew” and my favorite chocolate candy is “Kit-Kat” ;)

For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for inventing. One could always find me brewing something creative or thinking of some out-of-the box idea. Accompanying this passion, was a fascination in technology and the arts.  As a first generation American, to a Jamaican mother and a Haitian father, i’ve constantly been exposed to dynamic cultures. Thus, I approach the world with a mind that welcomes change, one that constantly seeks to learn and create.

Within the world of technology, I am most passionate about computer programming and app creation and have been programming since my freshman year of high school. Simultaneously, I explored my passions in visual arts and music, delving into photography, videography, graphics design, motion graphics, and music production. Using my skills in these fields, as an entrepreneur I have exhibited and sold my works at multiple programs, co-creating my own, for the first time,  during the senior year of high school. I have also embraced my entrepreneurial spirit through utilizing tools such as Fivver and BeatStars to sell music and animated videos.

I find that, when intertwined, technology and the arts interact with people on higher level than when separate and plan to excel in interactive technologies. After an eye-opening videography  internship with the Broward County Innovative Offices and an intensive summer coding internship, I started a self-initiative to help small businesses within my community advertise and widen their influence. At Duke I plan to continue advancing my art and computer science skills as an outlet to both express my ideas and help the community. I would like to combine my skills and specialize in interactive technologies. I strive to be a strong catalyst for positive change in my community and the world.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I love how proactive and supportive the SPIRE fellowship program it! It pushes someone like me to continue while giving resources and guidance.

Marcus Nkosi Pierre-Louis.
Marcus Nkosi Pierre-Louis