Major Glenn


Memphis, TN

Academic Interests

Mathematics and Computer Science

Fun Fact

I can eat a quart of ice cream in one sitting.

As an introspective and passionate learner, bridging different personal interests has always excited me. My desire to study STEM lies within my love for studying relationships and connections in our world. As a child, I spent significant time reading in my grandmother’s den, and my favorite topics to read about always concerned numbers or nature. Seeing words like “experiment” and “results” fulfilled my innate curiosity, and seeing how even grown-ups could learn made me feel special. As I got older, I specifically loved math; its beauty, its clarity, and its consistency excited me. The summer before my junior year, I had the opportunity to study math at my state’s Governor’s School, but the math there was different. While I can remember all too well struggling with writing proofs and feeling out of place in my class, this experience not only exposed me to science at the undergraduate level, it also helped me shape my motivation for studying STEM. Rather than completing repetitive and tedious computations, I enjoyed this new math which forced me to think broadly and creatively. 

I am a third-year studying mathematics and computer science at Duke. During the academic year, I work on research that applies coding theory to computer architecture systems. In my summers, I have completed software engineering internships with Google Play and Microsoft Azure, and I enjoy problem-solving and designing & optimizing libraries. I love helping other engineers succeed. On campus, I serve as programs chair for Duke National Society of Black Engineers, I am a peer facilitator for the Academic Resource Center, and I am in a student ministry called Every Nation Campus. I am beyond pleased to be a SPIRE fellow and continue in my path of struggle and growth toward success."

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

The SPIRE program’s commitment to research exposure and student development excites me. The opportunities for personal academic coaching, meaningful faculty mentorship, and enrichment funding highlight the commitment and love this program has for its scholars.

Major Glenn.
Major Glenn