Maiya Hayes


Waxhaw, NC

Academic Interests

Environmental Engineering

Fun Fact

I don’t eat fruit, I’m not allergic I just don’t eat it.

With all the research that is out it should not be a surprise to anyone that our world is dying, but the sad part is we are killing it. We are cutting down trees, polluting the air and water, destroying ecosystems, and wiping out species and we know it is harmful yet there is very little change in our actions. When I found out how much our actions negatively impacted the Earth I began to research what I could do to make sure I did my part, no matter how small, to protect the Earth; I even stopped spitting out my gum outside because I learned birds could choke and die on the gum. Even though I was doing all I could it seemed so miniscule and I knew there were so many people who still did not care and were living their life without considering the environment.

 After I realized it is impossible to get everybody to care about the little things, I became interested in finding a big change that could benefit everybody. This is how I became interested in Environmental Engineering and more specifically the energy aspect. While at Duke I am hoping to learn more about how we produce energy, different sources of energy, and how to efficiently obtain energy to come up with creative solutions to our energy crisis. While studying Environmental Engineering I would also like to discover other environmental issues the world is facing that are not being covered by the media and try to find new solutions to these problems.

 Outside of class I love to sit outside, read, knit, and being active in clubs. I am currently a part of the community council for my dorm building and I am hoping to get involved with some of Duke’s environmental clubs. I am also hoping to be a part of Camp Kesem because I love children and I think it is a great way to impact a person's life.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

Everyone in SPIRE is so kind and welcoming it creates a culture where anyone could thrive. I appreciate SPIRE’s end goal of making such a supportive community, which understands what it means to collaborate, and be open to all ideas, and help each other when we are struggling, that the culture of SPIRE will spread to all parts of Duke. As each fellow takes what they learn from SPIRE and applies it to their classes, research and life after college Duke will be a more inclusive and supportive space for anyone pursuing any field.

Maiya Hayes
Maiya Hayes