Madeleine Jones


Dallas, TX

Academic Interests

CS and a minor/certificate in Environmental Science

Fun Fact

I used to live in Australia

I had my first exposure to programming in middle school, and since then have continued studying computer science. It wasn’t until later in high school, however, that I became passionate about the environmental issues, vast in both size and scale, that we currently face. I knew that I wanted to apply computer science to another field in order to have a positive impact on the world, but it wasn’t until learning about the ongoing sabotage and destruction of our planet that I decided to narrow my focus to the field of environmental science. I had my first experience combining these two fields at a summer high school internship with NASA. My team and I analyzed data from satellites to determine fluctuations in water level in different parts of the world, and researched the specific causes of the local changes due to shifts in environmental factors.

At Duke, I am involved with DCC (Duke climate coalition), Environmental Alliance, and am currently working towards my Duke Sustainability Ambassador Certificate. I am also a member of DTech, a program that focuses on empowering women in the STEM fields. The goals of this group align with my own desires for the tech field and computer science especially. In high school, I planned and held a small afternoon computer science event for younger girls in the district, and hope to continue advocating for female representation in STEM at Duke. Outside of school, I enjoy being outdoors, doing yoga, reading, and training in the aerial circus arts.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I absolutely love the community that SPIRE provides! I just joined the program and I’ve already made some friends. I’m so excited to live with all the other fellows next year in the Hollows. I also look forward to the academic and career support that are available to us, as well as the faculty engagement that comes with being a member of SPIRE.

Madeleine Jones.
Madeleine Jones