Juliet Ming Jiang


Winchester, MA

Academic Interests

Biomedical Engineering, Math, Computer Science

Fun Fact

My favorite bird is the waxwing (can’t choose between Bohemian or Cedar).

As a dancer since age four and a math enthusiast, I am devoted to discovery and exhibition, and adore patterns and clarity. I was lucky to realize at a young age that mathematics isn’t something that should be contained in a box or table with explicit rules and procedures—it’s an opportunity for the mind to wander. As a teacher at our local Chinese school, a founding director of an introductory computer science program for young girls (fEmpower), and the founder of a pre-algebra summer program (ScutiMath), I encouraged many students to recognize the art behind the sciences and for them to reach outside the box. 

Exploration and creativity push me to grow as a learner, but like a teacher, I will also maintain the academic maturity I gained from past experiences to create new ones. Having participated in mathematical modeling challenges, taking math modeling/machine learning classes, and becoming intrigued by my Calculus professor’s research in modeling biological systems, I’m fascinated by the marriage of math and science, as well as the ubiquitous influence of computer science. 

Starting the engineering pathway at Duke reinvigorated my affinity towards creation and design, and it opened endless possibilities for applied math. As of now, I’m looking into research and to eventually attend graduate school. I’m interested in any intersection between mathematical modeling and biology or physics, particularly biomedical imaging and biophotonics.

At Duke, I’m a member of Defining Movement, the Science Olympiad planning committee, GAMI, and the Lyceum. I’m also involved with larger organizations, such as the Association for Women in Mathematics, Society of Women Engineers, Women in Tech, Duke Undergraduate Research Society, etc. Outside of academics, I love dancing, playing the piano, baking, listening to music, watching Studio Ghibli movies, and sharing my competitive experiences in rhythmic gymnastics. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

Although it has only been around two months, Duke has been a dream come true. The students, professors, and staff here are some of the most friendly and caring people I’ve met, while the campus scenery and food options never fail to impress. I’m grateful that the academic and research opportunities offered by the school and faculty are incredibly accessible and encouraged for undergrads, and that the culture here pushes us to succeed in a collaborative and fun manner. Besides some transportation hiccups, I always say I have nothing but praise.

Juliet Ming Jiang
Juliet Ming Jiang