Joshua Alexander Palomo


San Antonio, TX

Academic Interests

I am interested in majoring in either Physics or Biophysics/Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Fun Fact

I can play four different instruments.

Ever since I was a kid, I have always had a desire to learn about everything that I possibly could. In fact, I was so curious and asked so many questions my parents had to give me a five-question limit just to salvage their sanity. Every book in my house, every video game on my computer, every device in my home, I had read them front to back, learned their intricacies, and made the knowledge they contained my own. One Christmas, my parents got me a set of Encyclopedias Britannica that I ended up destroying the binding on because I had read through them so many times. This desire continued into my scholastic performance, with me often getting sidetracked on footnotes and proofs and diverging from the intended lesson, sometimes to the detriment of my being a good and attentive student. As far as I was concerned, everything had a story to tell, and I was determined to hear all of the details.

My interest in STEM comes about as a result of this desire to understand as much as I can about how the universe works and why humanity interpret it in the way that we do. This passion manifests itself in a myriad of ways, from an interest in history, music, and religion to the outdoors, physics, and biology.  In my experience, STEM topics have been the most difficult to access and find a place within, and my goal is to create pathways that make quality education in STEM more accessible to everyone.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

My favorite part about being at Duke is the ease at which I can satisfy my broad curiosities without fear of affecting my education or my degree path. My professors are willing to entertain my sometimes-long-winded questions, my classmates are willing to go along with my tangents, and if something ever piques my interest outside of my academic circle, professors and staff are an email away to provide me with a way to find what I am looking for.

Joshua Alexander Palomo
Joshua Alexander Palomo