Joseph Oladimeji


Bowie, MD

Academic Interests

Economics, Finance Concentration

Fun Fact

I didn’t drink water regularly until junior year of high school.

When I feel unsettled or overwhelmed by the unknown, I make it my mission to use my curiosity and work ethic to find a place of understanding and clarity. Before arriving at Duke, I decided I was interested in pursuing a degree in Economics but I still felt overwhelmed because of the many different possibilities and paths Economics has to offer. In my search of a place of clarity, I was granted the opportunity to intern with BroadOak Capital, an investment-banking firm, right before coming to Duke. This experience provided me with not only new information and skills, but also a new sense of confidence in the course I was set to pursue. As freshman year progressed, I became even more concerned with my future. However, this time I was overcome with a feeling of curiosity as opposed to anxiety that had worried me before. Again seeing out my desire to learn, I interned with the US Department of Treasury, working in the International Finance office this past summer. The experience offered me great tools, insight, and lessons I plan to use during my time at Duke and beyond. As I continue my academic career, I hope to keep following my curiosity and explore new paths that will not only educate me but also make me into a well-rounded individual.

When I am not battling Duke’s academic course load, I enjoy producing and recording Hip Hop-infused R&B with friends and taking photos of landscapes, nature, and cities. In the past, I have volunteered by mentoring kids on leadership and academic success, something I am excited to pursue again this year.

Joseph Oladimeji.
Joseph Oladimeji