Joey Santoro


San Clemente, CA

Academic Interests

Computer Science major / Math minor

Fun Fact

I am an Italian/US dual citizen

I love to spend my free time weight lifting or playing poker. I also enjoy learning on the side by watching YouTube and taking online courses on Coursera. One subject I am particularly passionate about is blockchain. I see it as an innovation on par with the internet and I want to be a part of constructing the decentralized internet of value. I am currently working on Solidity and dApp development. I am the VP of the Duke Blockchain Lab, and I hope to continue growing the lab in the coming years.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

SPIRE has truly helped me develop my passions and empowered me in an amazing way. SPIRE allowed me to attend Ethereal NYC, a blockchain conference where I met many industry leaders and built valuable relationships.

Joey Santoro.
Joey Santoro