Jennifer Lee


Chesapeake, Virginia

Academic Interests

Computer Science, Statistics, Bioinformatics, & Business 

Fun Fact

My cousin is a professional tennis player. I also love to play, watch, and chat about anything tennis-related!

My name is Jennifer Lee, and I am a sophomore (Trinity ‘26) studying computer science and statistics. As a kid, I remember wanting to see, feel, learn, and experience everything. Sports, instruments, art — you name it! In retrospect, my curiosity to try new things was how I experimented with the world. I wanted to experience first-hand what, how, why, and what more I could do. These little “experiments” were physical manifestations of the questions and experiences I continue to seek in my academic and professional pursuits.

As an undergraduate research assistant, I am fortunate to have been working with mentors on a project under Dr. David Sherwood’s lab, which investigates cellular behaviors beneath normal development and human disease. This summer, I was able to work closely with raw data using confocal microscopy imaging techniques and software. I began by exploring a single research question, but soon found this to cascade into a waterfall of many more. As I dug deeper, I was also surprised to find a particular affinity for gathering data, modeling results, and communicating findings. The research implications of cellular membrane strength and elasticity for a better understanding of cancer metastasis and cardiovascular system properties deepen my interest in medical research.

I would like to pursue a master's or Ph.D. in statistics for a more in-depth understanding of the field. One of my biggest goals is to learn how to effectively and efficiently use quantitative and analytical lenses to combat any problem. My career interests include data science, biostatistics, risk management, predictive modeling, business analytics, and I am eager to explore other fields and industries.

In addition to being a SPIRE Fellow, I also serve as a senator of Academic Affairs in Duke Student Government, help out as an Academic Support Lead for DTech Scholars, and play club tennis at Duke. In my community, I enjoy volunteering at the Virginia Aquarium and helping out with local donation drives. When I’m not playing the flute, baking, or painting giant home-made home decor, I’m probably somewhere outdoors spending time with family and friends.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

As a SPIRE Fellow, I love having the chance to be with so many amazing people from diverse backgrounds and interests. I am always learning something new from others! SPIRE is an incredibly welcoming space for all. I am so thankful for all the faculty, mentors, resources, and guidance from SPIRE. This program has been incredibly enriching for my experience at Duke.

Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee