Jeehye Rose Lee


Rockville, MD

Academic Interests

Interested in Biology, Chemistry, and science and health law and policy

Fun Fact

I love going on food tours with my family!

When I was younger, the tip of my index finger was amputated due to an unfortunate accident and grew back slightly deformed. Thus, I became extremely interested in learning more about STEM (especially stem cells) and its endless capabilities to help treat others like me. 

In order to expand my knowledge about regeneration and biomedical science, I interned at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where I helped gene-edit induced pluripotent stem cells. We aimed to quantify pluripotency in cells by studying a network of transcription factors, analyzing their dynamic relationships relative to each other. During my internship, I not only learned valuable laboratory techniques but also personally experienced the importance of communication and collaboration in science. 

Consequently, I felt even more compelled to share my love for science. I started advocating for STEM and science policies, giving many speeches to my county about stem cells, regeneration, and aging. 

Continuing to spread my excitement and passion for STEM, I founded a mentoring and tutoring program called Twinbrook Tutors, which exposed underrepresented students at a Title One elementary school to science through hands-on engineering activities (e.g. film canister rockets, parachutes, towers). The mission of my program was to build the confidence of females and minorities in their capabilities, as they are often deterred from pursuing science. This program showed me just how important it is to diversify the STEM field and encourage underrepresented minorities to embrace their creativity and future career goals. Due to my work with this school, I was named one of six 2018 EngineerGirl Ambassadors by the National Academy of Engineering, receiving a grant and an all-expenses paid trip to the 2018 Society of Women Engineers Conference in Minnesota. I felt even more inspired to spread my love for STEM to other girls after being surrounded and mentored by amazing females during this conference. 

Apart from community service and advocating for science, I enjoy reading memoirs, traveling, and baking. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

The mission of the SPIRE Fellows program perfectly aligns with my passion to encourage underrepresented minorities and females to freely pursue STEM. I am also excited to be a part of such a diverse community of students who all have a similar goal of deepening their knowledge in the sciences.

Rose Lee
Jeehye Rose Lee