Jazmine Ayabar


Dalton, Georgia

Academic Interests

Computer Science

Fun Fact

I found my oldest cat, Randy, while hiking!

Have you ever tried programming in Scratch (or been forced to by a middle school specials teacher)? If the answer is no, then I envy you! My name is Jazmine Ayabar. I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science, though if you would have told 6th grade me this, she would have thought I'd lost my mind. Before coming to Duke, I participated in FIRST Robotics for 6 years! In this organization,
I developed a love for programming, engineering, and leadership. After countless years of thinking I would pursue an engineering field, I was finally offered the opportunity to take AP Computer Science Principles & AP Computer Science A. In these courses, I developed my skills in Java, and grew a huge liking for coding! I’ve come to Duke to continue my exploration of the world of programming and find others like me!

This summer I completed an internship with Shaw Industries. In my role as a robotics intern, I worked in the Makerspace of the company and developed my skills in countless areas including: Arduinos, CrowPi’s, Java programming, Ubuntu programming, circuit building, laser-cutting, 3D printing, ShopBot, and online 3D modeling (Solidworks).

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy playing the clarinet, painting, and taking care of my four cats! I am also a Gates Scholar, a member of the Duke University Marching Band, and a member of Mi Gente. Further, I enjoy volunteer work; in the past I have worked on Rana’s Race for HLH, a 5K Color Run to raise money to find a cure for the rare auto immune disorder, Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiosios. I have also worked alongside my robotics team to bring STEM Nights to elementary schools in the Dalton, Georgia area. I have through enjoyed the beginning to my journey here at Duke and I look forward to pursing similar opportunities in the coming years!

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

My favorite aspect of Duke is the school’s commitment to excellence in all arenas. Every major, sport, club, interest, and identity is supported and has the ability to thrive. I believe a major contributor to this is the Duke’s student’s ability to build welcoming communities dedicated to success!

Jazmine Ayabar
Jazmine Ayabar