Jaclyn Xiao


Fremont, CA

Academic Interests

Biomedical Engineering (major), Psychology (minor), potentially pre-med track.

Fun Fact

I like to draw cartoons, and my spirit animal is a stout.

My fascination in biomedical engineering bloomed from my interest in the technology-oriented field of precision medicine and the role of big data in the analysis of infectious diseases. Planted from my youth when I watched in awe as my father used cutting-edge medicine to treat patients at Shriners hospital, this seedling of interest drove me to seek the mechanisms behind advancements in medicine. This fascination was further cultivated through medical-engineering programs like the Perry Initiative and pruned through observing international doctors save a critically burnt baby using remote technology during my trip to China.

My passion finally rooted during my internship of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in the Stanford Genome Center. As I used R programming to analyze data and watched my mentors use computational tools such as Deep Learning, I became aware of engineering’s role in innovative medicine. At Duke, I yearn to continue my own research about the effects of CFS on the homeless population, as well as to further the understanding of precision medicine's relationship to chronic diseases. In a world filled with the growing importance of big data, biomedical engineering would be the paramount skill needed to achieve this dream.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

What drew me to the SPIRE program was its wide network of mentors and the many opportunities that it provides for its students. Through this wide support group, I hope to better understand the field of biomedical engineering that I intend to enter and become better prepared for any challenges ahead.

Jaclyn Xiao.
Jaclyn Xiao