Genevieve Maxine Jean-Pierre


Goodlettsville, TN

Academic Interests

Computer Science, Statistics, Blockchain Technology, Bioinformatics

Fun Fact

taught myself how to do a backflip on my mom’s couch when I was seven.

I really enjoy researching topics I like in the field of computation, for example, learning about genomics, or how blockchain technology, and cloud computing. Throughout high school I have been able to volunteer in my city’s Adventure Science Center which was essentially a museum and activity center for kids and families to learn about all different types of science through hands-on activities. I was able to lead camps, activities, and even create my own activity that combines my love for music and science. The ‘Music Sessions’ were where I was able to bring in bongos, maracas, violin, electric guitar and other instruments so I teach our visitors songs and about acoustics. It was an extremely fun experience. Additionally, I have done four major research projects with Vanderbilt University in the fields of environmental science and computational biology, I am now currently a part of the national organization Black Girls Code. This past summer my group and I won 1st place in their Call for Code Challenge in partnership with IBM. As winners we got to present our project to executives at IBM and Chelsea Clinton and her foundation’s members! We are continuing the project and planning to launch a pilot in the next year. Outside of the classroom I am a dancer, singer, songwriter, poet, and runner. I am in Duke’s hip hop dance group StreetMed, as well as the Christian organization Cru. But I also write original songs, poetry, play guitar and make music independently. During my time, I hope to expand my computer science skills and I want to also apply them in order to make organizations that help less fortunate communities build their infrastructure physically from a health perspective, financially, and overall technologically. I hope to unite communities by my love for the arts as well.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I like that Duke is a combination of fun and academic rigor, it’s the best of both worlds really. There is an opportunity, event, and a group for everyone and it’s so fun and welcoming.

Genevieve Maxine Jean-Pierre
Genevieve Maxine Jean-Pierre