Ella Alan


Sumter, South Carolina

Academic Interests

Math, Biomedical Engineering, & Physics

Fun Fact

I have never tried Coca-Cola.

I have always been inclined towards STEM subjects, and both of my research experiences confirmed my passions. I have spent the last two summers doing research, and I loved every second of it. Last summer, I was working on mathematical modeling of chemicals in a body through a Research Experience for Undergraduates program. The summer before, I was working with graduate students on cloning and overexpressing metallothioneins at the University of South Carolina. I hope to further develop my interests and expand into research in biomedical engineering or research in mathematical methods in engineering. I intend on double majoring in biomedical engineering and mathematics, but I am open to exploring lots of new subjects. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I love that Duke provides so much support for each student that allows us to excel! Between resources such as the Academic Resource Center, and unbelievably caring and supportive faculty, I have always felt that I can get help whenever I need it. 

Ella Allan
Ella Alan