Cyan DeVeaux


Spring Valley, NY

Academic Interests

Computational Media (Interdepartmental: Computer Science and Visual & Media Studies)

Fun Fact

I can play the viola.

Growing up, I did not necessarily gravitate to any one specific academic area. I found a unique joy and appreciation for each subject. While in high school, each subject was distinctly kept separate, Duke has opened my mind up towards breaking down that barrier. I found that STEM benefits from the humanities and arts and vice versa.  

This led to my decision to pursue an interdisciplinary major between Computer Science and Visual & Media Studies. It has allowed me to explore the intersection between technology, art, and the humanities. I’ve spent my time at Duke navigating this interest. Inside of the classroom, I am learning about computer graphics and human computer interaction. Outside of the classroom, I’ve done research in the Digital Humanities through both Duke's Story+ Program and as a research fellow in the Wired! Lab. I also enjoy working for Duke PepsiCo Education Technology where I engage students in Durham Public Schools with multimedia technologies.  

In addition to being a SPIRE Fellow, I am a Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholar, Alice M. Baldwin Scholar, and Duke Technology Scholar. Each program has provided me with a strong support system and community throughout my Duke career. I also serve as Co-President of Women in Technology, an organization on campus dedicated to supporting students from underrepresented backgrounds interested in computing.  

My goal is to further my education through a Master’s or PhD program and eventually work in industry.  

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

SPIRE has been a great support system for me so far, especially in regards with supporting me through my coursework. Times where I felt myself struggling with certain classes, Dr. Blackshear and Dean Wood Crowley were right there to point me to useful resources and motivate me.

Cyan DeVeaux .
Cyan DeVeaux