Collin Royal


Charlotte, NC

Academic Interests

Biomedical Engineering with a possible minor in Chemistry

Fun Fact

I went to the same school from 8 weeks old to 18 years old.

When considering what major I wanted to pursue in college I knew I wanted it to be in the engineering field. I love the idea of exploring the way systems work and how I can manipulate them or create a new system entirely to provide a solution to a problem I am presented with. I am constantly striving to gain new knowledge so I can hopefully make an impact through its application. Most importantly though, I am excited by the aspect of putting my energy and time into a project that will have a positive impact on others. This coupled with my fascination with the human body that has been cultivated through my study of both biology and chemistry is why I am interested in Biomedical Engineering. You see, I believe that the most complex ‘machine’ known to man is the human body, and if you can problem solve for the human body, then you can problem solve for pretty much anything. In addition to my academic interests, I love sports and fitness. Exercise instantly became a passion of mine when my dad purchased my first bench and I have been playing sports since I could walk. These two interests of mine have taught me the importance of hard work, determination and working as a team. In the future, I hope to carry forward these traits and the knowledge I gain here at Duke with the help of the SPIRE Fellows program so that I might make a positive impact on the world. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

What I like most about the SPIRE Fellows program is their emphasis on cultivating a community that is centered around diversity and companionship, as well as the numerous forms of support they offer students so that they can achieve their full potential.

Collin Royal
Collin Royal