Carlos Penzini


Miami, Florida

Academic Interests

Computer Science, Data Science, Statistics, & Economics

Fun Fact

I have written over 300 movie reviews that are written in both Spanish and English.

My name is Carlos Penzini. I am a Computer Science and Statistics student at Duke University. My academic passions include Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain.  One of my future goals is that I want to use my knowledge to help underdeveloped areas develop a better education and financial system using cutting edge tools such as a decentralized blockchain network and personalized AI tutors. I have seen the disparity in these areas firsthand as the majority of my family lives in Venezuela. In the past, I have worked on various Computer Science projects such as a fully functional social media website (, a Recidivism Predictor algorithm (using a neural network), and I coded the Arduino for Palmer Trinity’s Garden in a box Growing beyond Earth submission. During the past summers, I have worked a variety of jobs such as being a waiter a high-end restaurant to being a Software and Data Engineer at Altimetrik. 


At Duke, I have joined Duke University Quantum Information Societies’ Executive Board, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, HackDuke, and Duke Applied Machine Learning’s intro course. I am eager to learn more about Artificial Intelligence at Duke and plan on helping on research. My course load includes many classes that help me explore my passions such as Intro to Data Science and Intro to Algorithms and Data Structures. 

Outside of academics, I enjoy reviewing movies, biking, and playing spike ball. My international upbringing has pushed me to love traveling to new places and integrating myself into different cultures. Some of most impactful moments in my life have come from Model United Nations Clubs, Robotics Club, and Leadership opportunities such as being the president of my class for multiple years. Overall, I grateful for all the opportunities I have been granted over the years and I am ready to work for more of these opportunities that align with my passions. 

 What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I love the collaborative environment Duke fosters. Everyone wants to see each other grow as an academic and as an individual. I have been offered help by multiple upperclassmen right after I have met them.  Not only does that create an environment were students are more comfortable and able to thrive but it also creates long lasting professional and personal connections.

Carlos Penzini
Carlos Penzini