Camila Rodriguez


Raleigh, NC

Academic Interests

Possible major in Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Physics. Possible certificate in Aerospace Engineering

Fun Fact

I love to sing!

I was exposed to STEM very early in life, due to the careers of my parents. I found their fields fascinating and grew an interest in mathematics and biology. This developed even further during high school, where I took every opportunity to explore STEM opportunities. I took many high-level classes in the sciences which led me to my favorite class: AP Biology. This class truly opened my mind to new scientific concepts that I found captivating and set me on the STEM career path. My favorite units were about genetics and cellular engineering, and thus, I searched for extracurricular opportunities in these areas. I completed an internship for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, where I took part of a knockout lab in charge of making genetically modified mice for experimentation. I was both able to observe many genetic engineering techniques as well as participate in them, such as microinjecting embryos with plasmids. It was an exciting experience that gave me a first-hand view of genetic engineering in practice. Besides biology, I also found an interest in physics in my free time. During my junior year, I became a leader for the Astrophysics Club in my school. I would compile presentations about different topics, such as black holes or quantum physics, and present them to the club. This club led me to discover my love for physics and astronomy, as well as the mathematics that were applied. Although I am still not sure of my major at Duke, I know that it will lead me to a career that can fulfill my curiosity and test my abilities in STEM. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

The SPIRE Fellows brings together students with similar goals or interests and allows them to connect with each other, which leads to a positive environment with peers that bring different perspectives. It also helps us get connected to a variety of advisors and mentors that can give us the support we need and open the door for future research opportunities. Being part of SPIRE will help me feel welcomed and supported during my time at Duke and my academic journey in STEM.

Camila Rodriguez.
Camila Rodriguez