Caitlin Tuttle


Morristown, New Jersey

Academic Interests

Computer Science, Statistics, & Cultural Anthropology

Fun Fact

I know more coding languages than actual languages

I have grown up with a deep love for all things STEM, specifically statistics, and that love has grown as I have progressed academically. During high school, I excelled in AP Statistics because I enjoyed studying quantitative data and, for the first time, my strengths of math and statistics were bridged with my passions of fairness and equity. I learned, through research, how minority groups are at a statistical disadvantage at times, due to their environment and geographic location. I became a volunteer tutor for lower income students and was able to find a great community with them. By working with these students, I became inspired to learn about the intersection of equity and fairness through the lens of data and statistics. My desire furthered when I visited South Africa this summer (where my mom was born) and learned, first hand, how she and my grandparents were subjected to disparate treatment under the Apartheid regime. I intend to seek opportunities to help understand, and dissolve, the racial disparities that still plague the country through understanding the analytical side impacting those in South Africa. My second passion is grounded upon challenges I have faced with mental health, which plagues many in society.  Because of my experiences, I have the desire to learn more about how mental health issues impact racial disparities in order to ensure equitable treatment among all people. I love to give back in any way possible and to integrate my passion for activism with my other daily passions. I have done this through advocating for mental health as captain of the Speech and Debate club in high school and becoming part of high-level lacrosse teams that foster diversity and inclusion. Here, at Duke, I continue to be involved with lacrosse and the NAACP organizations and Statistics groups. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

What I love most about Duke is the community and the opportunities that present themselves. Having access to both a plethora of experiences and a group of diverse yet also like-minded people really make me feel like Duke is where I belong.

Caitlin Tuttle
Caitlin Tuttle