Caitlin Lamb


Asheboro, NC

Academic Interests

Chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry

Fun Fact

I lived in Korea for 6 years.

Currently, I am planning to pursue a degree in chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry to go to graduate school in order to become a researcher.  I am interested in researching chemical origins of life, and biological homochirality, cellular function, post-translational modifications, and hibernation in primates.  To reach my goal, I am currently working with Dr. Klopfer to research hibernation in the fat-tailed dwarf lemur, and with Dr. Boyce’s lab to research glycosylation. Aside from research, I am a part of the Duke University Marching Band/ Pep Band, and I was an America Reads America Counts and Partnership for Success Tutor.  I hope to continue to delve into my research interests and go after all opportunities Duke provides. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

Personally, I believe that the highlights of being a SPIRE fellow is the people. By being a SPIRE fellow, I have gained many people who are willing to help me find various opportunities to expand on my interests, and advocate for me. Additionally, I am surrounded by peers and older students who can share my struggles and experiences. Finally, I was able to meet other faculty from Duke, learn about the obstacles in their life and I was able to learn to see the big picture. Therefore, through the people I met through Duke SPIRE fellows I was able to meet others and to put my experiences into perspective of my future path.

Caitlin Lamb.
Caitlin Lamb