Bradley Barrett


Kingston, Jamaica

Academic Interests

Molecular Genetics & Applied Chemistry

Fun Fact

I worked as a zookeeper in the Jamaica Hope Zoo for three consecutive summers as I had dreams of being a zookeeper.

I'm Bradley Barrett, a dynamic individual with a unique Jamaican upbringing. With 16 transformative years spent in Kingston, Jamaica, I developed a strong commitment to community involvement. Over three summers, I volunteered at the Hope Botanical Zoo, nurturing my passion for wildlife conservation and gaining firsthand insights into the challenges posed by pesky fruit flies.

Upon my arrival at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey, my leadership journey continued to flourish. As Boys Varsity Water Polo Captain, I not only led the team but was also recognized as School Player of the Month in October 2021. My dedication to the community extended to serving as president of the Caribbean Students Association, where I celebrated the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean. Locally, I volunteered with the CYO Lawrenceville Community Action Program, tutoring and engaging with young students. In addition, I served as a Ropes Course Instructor, organized the Big Red Road Race, led the Woodhull House Culinary Competition Team, and was Vice President of the Sports & Business Club, showcasing my diverse interests. As a recipient of the Eglin Award for Unselfish Leadership & Moral Courage, I lead by example, inspiring positive change. My future goals encompass continued academic excellence, climate change advocacy, and representing Jamaica in water polo on the world stage. 

Beyond sports and community, I pursued academic and professional growth. My experiences at the zoo highlighted the impact of small creatures like fruit flies on ecosystems. Interestingly, my perspective on fruit flies underwent a fascinating transformation at Lawrenceville. In Dr. Kim's lab at Stanford University, I worked extensively with fruit flies for molecular genetic research.  Similarly, my internship at the University of the West Indies Bio-Tech Unit provided valuable lab experience, while another internship at the Caribbean Institute of Health Research focused on climate change's impact on island nations.

Dedication and Collaboration are the core pillars in my work ethic, especially in the lab.  I've not only engaged in lab work but have thrived in it. My commitment to excellence and my willingness to invest the time and effort required to excel in a lab setting make me a valuable asset to any research team or organization.

My pursuit of further education and professional growth is driven by a deep desire to learn and expand my horizons. I'm eager to step out of my comfort zone, embrace new challenges, and leverage the support and insights of my peers and mentors.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

What is there not to like about Duke, from the brains to the bronze, from the Durham community to my little community in Pegram. Wherever you go, there is always a door full of adventures waiting for you to jump in. What I love most about Duke is their commitment to be more involved in the Durham community. From the classrooms' field trips and guest interviews to the stadiums full of fans from Durham, you can clearly see that Duke University wants to expand its doors for everyone from the four corners of the globe, but first Durham.

Bradley Barrett
Bradley Barrett