Austin Camp


Verona, NJ

Academic Interests

Chemistry and Evolutionary Anthropology

Fun Fact

I played at MetLife stadium during my high school football championship.

Ever since high school, math and science were two subjects that captivated me to the point where I would not mind exploring and researching topics in those fields outside of the classroom. After my first year at Duke, I found that chemistry and evolutionary anthropology are two areas I would like to continue pursuing with the hopes of going to medical school at the end of my undergraduate years. While most medical students wish to specialize to become a surgeon, my career goal is to become a medical examiner.  Outside of the classroom, I am involved in House Council, the College Republicans, and K-ville tenting. Plus, I love going to football and basketball games. Some of my other hobbies include running, cooking, traveling, and spending time outdoors. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

Coming from a small suburban town in New Jersey, I did not have the opportunities to investigate and continue my passions in STEM that I now have at Duke. With Duke SPIRE, I am hoping to use the resources to find a research lab that mirrors my interest in chemistry and my determined work ethic. Besides, from the endless opportunities SPIRE has, the program is a welcoming and encouraging environment where people who share interests in STEM can come together and talk about their awesome experiences. Plus, Dr. Crowley and Dr. Blackshear are always there to help no matter what the issue is!

Austin Camp.
Austin Camp