Ashley Shaaf


Hillsdale, NJ

Academic Interests

Computer Science Major

Fun Fact

I know how to juggle!

I have been interested in STEM from a very young age, but I did not explore Computer Science specifically until the 8th grade. Over the past 5 years or so, I was able to cultivate my passion for Computer Science by taking every CS class available in high school, participating in and establishing STEM clubs (such as Girls Who Code), and tutoring fellow CS students. I am grateful that I can continue my pursuits at Duke because there are endless opportunities to partake in research, explore STEM-related clubs and organizations, and collaborate with other driven students. As of now, I am a member of Women in Tech, the National Society of Black Engineers, and BSA.

Outside of the classroom, I can be found doing any kind of arts and crafts project, whether it’s drawing, painting, embroidering, upcycling, etc. I like to keep my creative juices flowing, so I can always have a fresh approach towards problems! I also love immersing myself in other cultures, by trying new foods, listening to foreign music, and learning new languages!

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I like the support system that SPIRE provides by fostering a strong community, as well as granting resources and opportunities that will aid me in my pursuit of Computer Science.

Ashley Shaaf.
Ashley Shaaf