Arielle Kim


Fairfax, Virginia

Academic Interests

Biology, Biochemistry, Genetics and Biotechnology

Fun Fact

I lived for four years in Seoul, South Korea!

My name is Arielle Kim (Trinity' 26), and I am a prospective biology major interested in genetics and biotechnology, specifically in the applications of gene-editing technologies like the CRISPR-Cas9 system in fields including human health, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. I've always had an appreciation for the biological sciences and plan to get involved with undergraduate research at Duke! To explore the biological sciences and genetics and biotechnology, I'm currently taking courses on the ethics of genetic research and the role of genetics in symbiotic relationships. A topic I've recently become more interested in through these courses is the role of genetics and the human gut microbiome on human health and diseases. I find it incredibly fascinating as well as many other scientific topics, and I wish to explore as many branches of science as possible during my undergraduate studies. In the future, I would love to get a Ph.D. in the biological sciences.

At Duke, I'm involved as a peer reviewer at Vertices, Duke's undergraduate research journal, and as a member of Duke STEM Connect, a club dedicated to supporting STEM curricula in local Durham schools. I am also a huge animal lover, so I volunteer as a Technician Assistant at the Duke Lemur Center on the weekends!

Similarly to Duke STEM Connect, back at home, I work as a STEM Educator at the Children's Science Center. At the Children's Science Center, our mission is to inspire within kids a love of learning STEM through engaging activities, exhibits, and programs. I love working with kids and strongly believe in providing equitable access to STEM education to all children. Through the Children's Science Center, I've discovered my passion for teaching others, which also ties back to why I wish to pursue academia.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

The people. I love all the people I've met so far at Duke. Everyone comes from diverse backgrounds and brings many new perspectives to the table. I've grown close to the people in my dorm and classes, and I feel a strong sense of community at Duke. I'm excited to meet many others in SPIRE. 

Arielle Kim
Arielle Kim