Anna Brusoe


Star City, West Virginia

Academic Interests

Mechanical Engineering & Music

Fun Fact

I trained puppies in high school

I have always loved math and science from a young age. Through participating in FIRST Robotics before coming to Duke, I have been able to explore technology and further my passion for STEM. Because of my interests in STEM, I am studying mechanical engineering. I hope this will enable me to design and create technology to help other people while continuing to learn about science and math. In addition to my interests in engineering and STEM, I have played piano for 12 years and recently started learning to play the organ. I plan on continuing with music while at Duke University and have already been able to through the many opportunities at Duke. Creativity is a skill I have learned from being a musician and it has already helped me so much in my STEM coursework and everyday life. 

Outside of my engineering courses and music, I have recently started working in the Innovation Co-Lab as a Makerspace Technician. In addition to this, while at Duke, I hope to contribute to STEM education opportunities, especially in low-income and rural communities. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

 I love the collaborative nature of Duke University and Spire fellows. I have been able to meet so many unique people here; In addition, there are so many resources available to set students up for success.

Anna Brusoe
Anna Brusoe