Allison Yang


East Brunswick, New Jersey

Academic Interests

Biology, Biochemistry, Computational Media, & Health Policy

Fun Fact

I love everything Studio Ghibli related!

“What? Why?” is a thought I have hundreds of times each day, from when I wake up and slap on my skincare or even when I sit in front of an easel to paint- why do we employ the rule of thirds when creating art pieces? Where do the anti-aging benefits of retinoids come from? What led up to the He-Jiang Kui affair? What do you mean I can’t “eat a whole tub of raw walnut cookie dough” because it contains raw eggs and I’m allergic to walnuts? It’s questions like these that led me to create my own bioethics and art blog, that made me explore epidemiology and environmental chemistry in Science Olympiad competitions and Model UN Conferences, and made me find myself halfway through a tub of matcha ice cream as I end up down another rabbit-hole about the Jesse Gelsinger case. I can’t help but find myself attracted to the STEM backbone behind everyday moments and topics. 

At Duke, I’ve been trying to take the chance to try out everything and anything- whether it be joining the Duke Medical Ethics Journal to dive deeper into bioethical dilemmas or DUU Freewater Productions despite having no experience in filmmaking. I hope to continue garnering these new experiences and scientific questions throughout my time at Duke! 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

The lively community, balance between academics and social life, and enthusiasm of the professors. All my professors have been extremely passionate about their subjects and accessible to their students, sometimes even bringing food for us during office hours! 

Allison Yang
Allison Yang