Alice Wu


Charlotte, NC

Academic Interests

Computer science, statistics, economics, finance

Fun Fact

I love riding roller coasters even though I’m scared of heights.

“How did you figure out the password?!” my mom exclaimed as I triumphantly showed her the home computer screen. My mom had forgotten the password for our computer, so I was determined to unlock it by guessing. Although it was an educational guess, 8 year old me had wanted to impress my mom so I told her I “hacked” the computer. My mom was surprised and informed my dad that I was a hacker now. Racked with guilt, I confessed to my dad, who laughed. Though it was a harmless joke, my curiosity about computers was piqued.

I spent a summer learning about robotics at Appalachian State University. As my final project, I built a Fire Extinguishing Reconnaissance Bot (FERB) and wrote a thirty-page research paper detailing my methodology and experimental design. After attaching a Raspberry Pi camera to FERB, I coded a program using Raspbian that would wirelessly connect the camera to an IP address, so a live camera feed could be accessed on any computer. It is the limitless potential of computers that motivates me to learn how to code. I believe the next Industrial Revolution will be precipitated by the rise of artificial intelligence and studying computer science will provide me with essential knowledge to remain relevant as AI evolves.

In addition to computer science, I am also interested in finance and am involved in the Duke Investment Club. Outside of school, I enjoy running, weightlifting, and riding electric scooters around campus. My favorite sports team is the US Women’s National Soccer Team. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

Having Dean Wood Crowley as a mentor, the extensive support and tutoring, and the opportunity to meet new people.

Alice Wu
Alice Wu