Abby Franklin


Montgomery, AL

Academic Interests

Biology, computer science, computational genomics, and genetics.

Fun Fact

I have been playing the harp since 2009.

I am pursuing two degrees in biology and computer science because I find the intersection of the two fascinating. Computational genomics is such an expanding field and I would love to be a part of future developments. I am particularly interested in genetics because a dominant variant gene runs in my family. I have epidermolysis bullosa simplex, a disease that results in malformed keratin causing my skin to blister very easily. My brother and my dad also have this, so I am particularly passionate about studying genetic diseases similar to mine to make the lives of my children and others like me better.

In addition to my degrees, I love music. I have been playing the harp since fourth grade and I have been involved in multiple orchestras. Currently I play in the Durham Medical Orchestra and the Duke Symphony Orchestra. I enjoy sharing the harp with my friends and explaining how it works. I also am interested in getting to know people, and I love hearing people talk about what they are most passionate about. I am involved in Cru, an on-campus Christian organization, which has Bible studies and weekly large group meetings. Though I love considering what I believe and pondering the mysteries of the universe, I also love learning about others' beliefs and trying to come to an understanding about where they are coming from.

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I love the support network that SPIRE provides, and I enjoy listening to all of the advice that the members of the group have to share. I also love the biweekly meetings and the delicious dinners provided there.

Abby Franklin.
Abby Franklin