Aaron Andino


Morristown, New Jersey

Academic Interests

Biology & Global Health

Fun Fact

I am a proud lefty

There were a million things on my mind as I was in my AP biology class learning about the brain. As meta as it was, my brain was firing action potentials at the same time we were learning about it. Most people are not conscious about this in their day-to-day lives, but, the reality is that this grossly-simplified yet complex paradox happens billions of times across our body every second. The tiny, yet intricate nature of action potentials reflects how there is so much to learn from the human body.  I am amazed by how many processes occur within our bodies without our explicit awareness. But action potentials are just one of the millions of phenomena in the natural sciences that occur every second. My goal, in my undergraduate studies, is to continue discovering the amazing processes that make this world work across all of the natural sciences. After finding what piques my interest, I intend to conduct more research on these phenomena to deepen our understanding, and appreciation, of the world we live in, but to find information that can help solve the pressing issues that challenge us today. 

What do you like about being a SPIRE Fellow?

I love meeting all of the incredible people that walk Duke’s campus. I love making connections with people that I would’ve never expected to have made a connection with. I love all of the amazing perspectives that Duke has to offer, and the opportunities that come from learning those perspectives. 

Aaron Andino
Aaron Andino