Lexie Brzoska '25 - Project with Global Health Uganda

This summer, I participated in a short-term HIV/AIDS Outreach Virtual Project in partnership with Global Health Uganda (GHU). This project aimed to facilitate the exchange of information, education, and communication about the management of HIV/AIDS for prison inmates in Uganda. This project required doing background research and developing infographics to be translated and distributed to individuals in prisons. More specifically, my research was in regard to how HIV/AIDs is managed by prisoners and sex workers in LICs. Our research was transferred to a PowerPoint filled with current knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS, as well as infographics on ways individuals can exercise caution and ways to prevent contraction. Lastly, a general education plan was developed that could be further adapted to fit the needs of vulnerable groups that may need the resource.

It was a wonderful experience working with other like-minded individuals to accomplish such an important goal that would help benefit others. This experience pushed me to be creative so as to more effectively convey information to at-risk populations. This project required collaboration, planning, and timely execution. I am looking forward to more experiences like these in the future, that will help me continue to grow as a learner.