Jenna White '23 - Electrical Engineering Internship at Schneider Electric

Jenna White

This summer, I had the pleasure of interning at Schneider Electric, a multinational company that works to power homes, buildings, data centers, etc., using sustainable energy technologies, automation, software, and services. I worked at the office in Morrisville, NC as a systems and testing engineer. This was my first internship, so it was my first experience applying what I have learned in my classes to industry and finding what aspects of electrical engineering I enjoy most.

My main work this summer was focused on automation using Python. These automation projects were focused on testing the FLEXSET Build App, which is an app that contains instructions for the assembly and inspection of FLEXSET, a model sold in kits to allow for efficient outsourcing of the manufacturing of switchboards used for powering buildings. My first project involved automating PowerPoint and Excel, using a spreadsheet of the instructions in the app to create a PowerPoint and enabling the spreadsheet to be edited through changes made to the PowerPoint. This project allows for those on the FlexSeT testing team to easily view and edit the app’s instructions during processes such as system test reviews. In addition, the second project that I worked on involves the control of a robot to locate buttons on an iPad to check the app for bugs and make sure that the app meets desired specifications. This project allows for the efficiency and replicability of the testing to be increased, allowing the FlexSeT team to have more time for other projects and be more confident in the testing’s precision and accuracy. Through these two projects, I have improved my programming skills through using Python and my communication skills through daily code reviews and monthly presentations.

I loved my time at Schneider Electric this summer. The workplace environment was very welcoming and positive, and all of the employees were kind and eager to help me learn more about the company, their experience, and ways to find future opportunities within the company. I enjoyed networking with such a diverse, intellectual group of people. We also had several social events together, including a disc golf tournament that I won (pictured here)! Also, I learned that I am interested in developing software that can be used to solve engineering problems (testing, automation, etc.), and I am particularly interested in robotics and automation. As a result, I feel confident in going into a career related to systems and robotics engineering.

Through my time at Schneider, I grew a lot both as an engineer and as a person. I’ve enjoyed my time there so much, I’m continuing my internship part-time in the fall! I’m so thankful for this opportunity, and I’m fortunate to have supportive mentors and friends at both Schneider and Duke that have helped me through this journey.